Dr. Adolph Brown

Tuesday morning general session

Dr. Adolph Brown is the Founder, President, and CEO of The Leadership & Learning Institute. As a former public school educator and credentialed administrator, fully tenured university professor, university dean and businessman, Dr. Brown has studied and worked alongside highly successful leaders and educators. He has taken his over 25 years of experience and developed core competencies that are expressed in every area in which successful business leaders and educators are involved. 

As a recognized Master Teacher, business leader, educational/clinical psychologist, anthropologist and motivational speaker, his outrageous and energetic outlook will captivate you as he relays his professional experiences coupled with his evidence-based and data-driven research. With multiple degrees from the College of William and Mary in psychology and anthropology, master's degree graduate study in classroom management and differentiated learning, and doctoral degree work in education/community/clinical psychology with an emphasis in group dynamics, Dr. Brown first discovered his passion for people development whilst working as a middle school educator and later as a diversity and communication consultant. Dr. Brown sits on myriad local boards and advisory groups, and has written extensively on the subjects of child, family, and corporate communication. An often quoted resource, he is the author of three books. With all of his awards and honors, Dr. Brown considers his greatest accomplishment to be his wife and seven children.